The Way We Are
This picture of Peggy Pinckney Hay was taken last week in Cozamel. she's been a volunteer at the SC Aquarium in Charleston for a long while now. She wants to know "Do we have any other scuba divers in the class?"

Brian & Sharri Siegmund snorkeling at Grand Cayman, Mexico... Sting Ray City to be exact. Check them out as they pet a Sting Ray after feeding it!

Ponnie Redd Reynolds
says she and hubby Mike
have ridden their big bikes
to Florida several times
and they love to ride
through the mountains
on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

OK, Jane & I are not to be outdone by Anne and her very fine sailboat. This picture was made last spring near Norman Island of the British Virgin Islands. These rocks are called The Indians and are a great place to snorkle. We were finishing a ten day cruise out of St. Thomas that included the Spanish Virgin Islands, The British Virgin Islands and the American Virgin Islands. (whew) Our vessel was a 45 foot sailing catamarand crewed by us and two other couples.

Scott Anderson, the Explorer

"Sailing is my latest love. We bought our boat in Annapolis and sailed it down to Sarasota, Florida, it took us one month. Great adventure. I did it with my husband and 2 of his best friends."
Catherine Massey Ligon

Check out our fisherman at his new day job.
It's our own Green Hornet veterinarian, Dick Smiley!
Now retired and 'Gone Fishing.'

Anne Martin Bleicher can hang upside down in water!!!
Or is this how she gets out of her kayak?!

OK--no pictures of swimming, boating or snorkeling/scuba diving--but ....... there IS dry land activity, too. Ross documented this mini-reunion in Maine a few summers ago...Aiken Hi grads + arachnids...and captured "Blueberry Butts Forever" The pickers are Ross & Zora Stevens, Nan Werner Blake, Bill Baxter & wife, and my husband John.
Polly Polly Wheat, MD

"Just got back from a cruise around South America. Came home to an ice storm, so it is definitely time to move again! Anyhow, another adventure picture for you. The lady on my right is my dear, sweet wife of over 38 years."

Here I am in Florence with Pam( Newberry - Class of 1962 ). One of my interests, other than being an Episcopal priest, is leading pilgrimages. In the coming year I`m taking trips to Israel, Sicily, and Egypt - join me!
Butch(Orion) Davis